Peñasco Ventoso


  • Environmental Permit granted as a Favorable Environmental Qualification Resolution (RCA for its acronym in Spanish) obtained through the submission of an Interregional Environmental Impact Study (EIA), meeting the highest standards of current environmental regulations in Chile as assessed by authorities from 3 regions. Permission granted by the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA) of Chile on November 3rd, 2023.
  • Environmental Permit considers the construction of 60 Wind Turbine Generator positions getting to an installed capacity of 408 MW.
  • Community Commitments consider the construction of a road bypass in the community of Tucapel, avoiding the traffic of trucks with overweight loads by the Tucapel Town main avenue.
  • Projected interconnection at the Charrúa Substation, a key node of the National Electric System in the Biobío Region.
  • Voluntary implementation of the first Automatic Detection Light System (ADLS) for lighting operation of wind farms in Chile, designed to minimize the impact of light pollution produced by The Project.

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