Cielo Wind energy is 100% renewable, inexhaustible and domestic.

Cielo Wind energy does not create any air pollution, sulfur dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxide emissions or carbon dioxide emissions.

Cielo Wind energy does not create any water pollution, mercury expulsion or other harmful byproducts.

Cielo Wind projects are estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.6 million tons per year.

As of 2009, Cielo Wind Power has developed and installed 1% of the world’s wind generated energy.

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Cielo Wind Power Mission

Cielo Wind Power, LP (Cielo), is committed to developing, owning and operating the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible wind power facilities for many load serving entities throughout the southwestern United States. To date, Cielo has developed 1,148 megawatts of wind energy generation facilities. We look forward to building on our past achievements and working with our valuable stakeholders to continue harvesting America’s world class wind energy resource. Cielo Wind Power, LP is a privately held wind energy development company based out of Austin, Texas.