Wind Ranch®

History of the Wind Ranch

Environmentally Friendly Development of the Wind Ranch®

At Cielo Wind Power, we’re focused on preserving and protecting the farm and ranch land we use to develop commercial scale wind power plants. We are responsible for maintaining the existing pristine ranches and are committed to restoring the landscape to its original condition after construction is complete. Before the development of our first project, Cielo created and implemented a list of rules to protect and preserve the integrity of the land. We require all contractors to follow these rules throughout the construction process and the life of a wind lease. For example, we expect all equipment to be washed before entering the project site to keep noxious weeds–such as African root and bitter weed–from being introduced. Because they are not required by any regulating industry, these conditions set the industry standard for environmental awareness in projects. In addition to the Wind Ranch® rules, Cielo replaces and restores manipulated and used fences and cattle guards during construction of a project. We also create better roads and bury power lines underground to reduce the project’s environmental footprint and attract landowners and their neighbors. Cielo is continually working to improve the aesthetics and efficiency of each project by collaborating with the FAA to minimize the number of lights installed by project and lower the visual impact of the turbines. Over time, these upgrades prove to be a win-win situation for the developer and the landowner.

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2-22-2002 Local Wind Expert to Speak on Environmental Stewardship at National Wind Power Conference

Environmental Awards

  • 2000-2001 Environmental Awareness Award, Private Enterprise Honorable Mention Award, City of Austin
  • City of Austin Green Choice Small Business Partner Award

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Land Stewardship Scholarships

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