Operations and Maintenance

Cielo has managed multiple Maintenance, Operations and Maintenance Agreements with its in-house team of experienced personnel.  In the performance of such work, Cielo emphasizes safety, efficiency, compliance with governmental regulations and applicable laws and equipment effectiveness.

Since 1999, Cielo Companies, together with its affiliates and predecessors, have managed project operations on the following projects:

  • Texico Wind Ranch®    3 Vestas V47 Turbines
    Cielo has managed this small wind project to large project efficiencies with average availability in excess of 95% of the life of the project.
  • White Deer Wind RanchTM    80 Mitsubishi 1000/1000a Turbines
    Operated high efficiency project for equity team of Shell and Entergy earning performance bonuses every year of contract performance. Availability and operating efficiency average over 97% during course of O&M work.
  • Brazos Wind Ranch®    160 Mitsubishi 1000a Turbines
    Managed major warranty repair work for manufacturer through pooling O&M staff from various projects during initial year of operations.
  • Lubbock Wind Ranch® Phase I    1 Samsung 2.5-90 Turbine
    Cielo has managed this prototype turbine operation and maintenance.

Cielo has had a supporting operational role on the following additional projects:

  • Woodward Mountain Wind RanchTM    160 Vestas V47 Turbines
  • King Mountain Wind RanchTM    215 Siemens 1.3 Turbines
  • Wildorado Wind RanchTM    70 Siemens 2.3 Turbines
  • Goat Mountain Wind RanchTM    115 Mitsubishi 1000a/2.4 Turbines

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