Cielo is one of America’s most experienced and successful independent wind farm developers with a commitment to develop, own, and operate the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive facilities, and with every project, seeks to maximize value while minimizing environmental effects. Cielo has deep experience in all aspects of renewable energy development and is well-prepared to deal with challenges relating to:

  • Wind Resource Assessment
  • Site Control
  • Interconnection and Transmission
  • Permitting and Certification
  • Off-Take
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement
  • Construction
  • Development Financing
  • Project Financing

To date, Cielo has capitalized assets valued in excess of $2.5 billion. The company has long-standing relationships in the financial community, with both equity and debt investors, and takes a conservative approach to issues of finance-ability. Cielo’s diligence and attention to detail has consistently produced top-quality transactions with a range of industry leaders, including Electricte de France, NextEra Energy, Shell Renewables, and Samsung Heavy Industries.

Technical Leadership

Cielo Wind’s Technology Department, which includes a team of engineers, meteorologists, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, information technology experts, and highly-trained field technicians certified by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), works closely with our Development Team and is dedicated to accurately predicting long-term wind speeds, wind roses, air density, turbulence intensity, and wind shear. Our forecasting data is utilized during development and construction phases to ensure the long-term success of a utility scale wind power plant.