Brownsville EarthFest brings community together in Linear Park

May 10th, 2013  |  Published in In the News, Press Releases, Articles, Top Stories

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EarthFest brings community together in Linear Park

Photos by Paul Chouy/The Brownsville Herald

Children play on a large inflatable slide at EarthFest 2013 on Saturday at Linear Park.

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 9:55 pm
EarthFest brings community together in Linear Park: By Melissa Montoya The Brownsville Herald
Messages urging Brownsville residents to reuse and recycle were on full display during EarthFest 2013 at Linear Park on Saturday.

Artisans sold their wares while others exhibited artwork made from recycled supplies. Such was the case when four students from Saint Joseph Academy modeled the dresses they made from materials like trash bags, aluminum cans and duct tape.

Seventeen-year-old Alejandra Hinojosa fashioned herself a dress made out of duct tape. She said it took three days to make the dress but she wanted to show people that it’s worthwhile to recycle plastic.

Grecia Rodriguez, 17, said it took her a week to make her dress out of trash bags. A stylish bow made out of newspapers was part of the dress’s décor.

“I started saving trash bags since the summer,” Grecia, also a student at Saint Joseph Academy, said.

The group of students made their dresses for the school’s “Trashion Show.”

Marianna Gonzales, who made one of the dresses, said she always recycles at home. The dress she created was made of aluminum cans that had been cut into strips. The top of the dress was adorned by can tops.

“Aluminum is one of the most popular things that get recycled,” she said. “Our Earth is getting polluted. When you recycle it comes back as something else.”

Cielo Wind Power is planning the building of wind turbines near the Port of Brownsville in 2014. Robert Peña, a development manager with the company who was at the festival to award scholarships, said the community can benefit from sustainable energy.

“Renewable energy uses natural resources to provide electricity,” Peña said.

It reduces the carbon footprint while providing people with inexpensive energy, he said.

Rose Timmer, executive director of Healthy Communities of Brownsville, said this year’s EarthFest had a good turnout, estimating that 2,000 people arrived for the festivities.

“It brings the community together,” Timmer said.

Timmer said she recycles but also tries to diminish by cutting out things she thinks are unnecessary.

“No straws and I don’t drink bottled water,” Timmer said. “I think that’s a sin.”

“If you reduce that kind of use it would make a lot of difference,” she added.